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  • Pentel Of America Pens Pencils Refills And Markers

    Providing tools inspiration for pen enthusiasts, hand letterers artists everywhere..

  • Pentel Wikipedia

    Pentel Co., Ltd. , Penteru Kabushiki Gaisha is a privately held Japanese company which produces stationery products. The name is a combination of the English words pen and tell as in, telling a story . Pentel is also the inventor of non-permanent marker technology. Most Pentel products are manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and France. .

  • Pens Pentel Of America Ltd

    The best qualities of liquid and gel ink are blended into a super-smooth ink and delivered via an exclusive ink/tip technology 0.7mm metal tip pro .

  • Pentel Stationery Of Canada

    Welcome to the world of technological innovation made possible by Pentel's vision of Spirit of Wonder. We create high quality, value-added pens, pencils and .

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