Pokemon Soulsilver

  • Psypoke The Psychic Pokmon Connection

    Wimpod 1'8", 26.5lbs is a Bug/Water-type with the Wimp Out ability, which allows wild Pokemon to flee from battle if their health drops below half. Hopefully, if it evolves, it will not randomly become Bug/Flying, Masquerain.Bounsweet 1', 7.1 lbs is a Grass-type with Leaf Guard and Oblivious. It doesn't appear to reveal any new abilities or moves at this time..

  • Fire Type Pokmon Pokmon Database

    Dual-type pros cons. This chart shows the strength of the Fire type against every type combination. The fraction of damage a Fire type move will deal is shown - means 50 damage not very effective , super-effective and so on..


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