Ravenhead Glass

  • Rockware Glass Wikipedia

    Rockware Glass is a UK company manufacturing glass containers The company has a works at Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Knottingley West Yorkshire and Irvine, Scotland. Rockware became part of Ardagh Glass Group in 2006 Rockware's former works by the Grand Union Cin Greenford, London, developed from W.A.Bailey's glassworks founded in 1900 and Purex lead .

  • Opaline Glass Wikipedia

    The term "opaline" in current times refers to many forms of opaque and colored glass. In France the term opaline is used to refer to multiple types of glass and not specifically antique colored crystal or .

  • Ravenhead Nova Mixer Glasses Set 310ml 4 Per Pack From Ocado

    The Nova glassware range from Ravenhead embo.s contemporary design with elegant stem. The modern shape bowl makes these glasses perfect for fine dining, entertaining or .

  • History Of The Sankey Or St Helens C Pennine Waterways

    The cfrom St Helens to Ravenhead was infilled in 1898 as part of the extension of Pilkingtons' glass works. From 1900 traffic on the upper section of the cdwindled and by the 1930s, the cabove Newton Common had been closed to navigation, with many of .


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