Red Clover Tea

  • Red Clover A Powerful Herb With Strong Healing Properties

    Every year, a beautiful crop of red clover spontaneously matures on my lawn. For a few weeks, the dark pink tops adorn the yard. I always look forward to the blooming of red clover, and I take advantage of the bumper crop in my yard by picking some and drying it for herbal tea..

  • How To Make A Delicious Clover Tea Doityourself Com

    Clover grows wild in many areas, and it has long been used as a herbal remedy, often in the form of clover tea. Clover is a pleasant plant that is believed to help stimulate immune responses, and is a traditional herb used in the treatment of cancers. Red clover, the most common American variety, is .

  • Top 10 Red Clover Benefits Health Articles 101

    2. Red clover is a traditional method of treatment for cough in children. 3. Because of its estrogen-like properties, red clover tea may offer relieve for symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes. 4. Blood-flow appears to be improved by red clover, which acts by thinning the blood and preventing blood clots..

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