Roll Neck Sweater

  • Roll Neck Sweater Men Aran Fisherman Sweater Mens

    Roll Neck Irish Fisherman Sweater - Reviews. The Roll neck is a rugged sweater which gives any outfit a heritage-inspired look. With a distinctive rolled edge on the collar, hem and cuff, it was worn by Irish fishermen as a daily essential..

  • N Peal Cable Roll Neck Bond Lifestyle

    James Bond wears a Fumo Grey N.Peal Cable Roll Neck NPG-299B sweater in SPECTRE 2015 Bond wears the cashmere sweater in the scenes filmed in Austria when he meets Mr. White, together with a blue Dior Homme jacket which is not available anywhere anymore ..

  • Polo Neck Wikipedia

    A polo neck, roll-neck, , turtleneck US, Canada , or skivvy Australia, New Zealand is a garmentusually a sweaterwith a close-fitting, round, and high part similar to a collar that folds over and covers the neck.It can also refer to the type of neckline, the style of collar itself, or be used as an adjective "polo necked" A simpler variant of the standard polo neck is the mock .

  • Fisherman Sweater Shawl Neck Aran Sweater Market

    Official Aran Sweater Market, Inis Mr, Aran Islands - buy direct from the home of the Irish Fisherman Sweater, also known as the Aran Sweater. Our Irish wool .


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