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to your U.S. shoe size or Euro shoe size. Use this conversion to order from our European-Sized Brands. US Sizes, Euro Sizes, UK Sizes, Inches, CM..

  • Shoe Size Conversion Chart Dancesport Uk Dance Shoes

    SHOE SIZE CONVERSION CHART The Japanese system is based on the length of your foot in cm, so you may find it useful to measure your foot in cm and find your size this way..

  • Shoe Size Conversion Zappos Com

    Please also keep in mind the manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly. Make sure you are standing, wearing the socks or stockings you will wear with your new shoes. Using one of the following charts, convert your inches measurement to your U.S. shoe size or Euro shoe size..

  • Mens Uk To Eu Shoe Size Converter

    Men's UK to European Shoe Size Converter Convert Men's Shoe Sizes From UK to EU Shopping for shoes from the other side of the channel? Convert men's shoe sizes from UK to EU with our Men's UK to EU shoe size converter below before you do your shopping .

  • Shoe Size Charts Converters Find Your Shoe Size Quick Easy

    The equivalent of a U.S. size 8 for men's shoes in European sizing is a size 39.5. For women's shoes, the American size 8 is the same as an EU size 38. When converted to UK shoe sizes, a U.S. size 8 for men and women is labeled as a size 7.5 and a size 5, respectively..


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