Spanking Letters

  • The Spanking News Classified Section Spanking Personals

    I've received a few letters from people asking if I planned on making a section for spanking personals, and after some consideration I decided no..

  • Spanking Bethie

    The much anticipated Friday night spanking was fun, intense, and much needed for both of us after such a long dry spell. I was feeling really frisky so for inspiration I put on my little French maid's outfit with the ruffly panties, which was fun but didn't stay on as long as I thought it might..

  • Brand Spanking New Phrases Clichs Expressions Sayings

    Brand Spanking New. Previous Page. Brand Spanking New : Phrases Meaning: New and unused. Example: What you really need is a brand spanking new Porsche turbo. Origin: Doctors have traditionally spanked babies immediately after delivery to start them crying, and breathing..

  • Women Spanking Men

    Women spanking men has strict femdom spanking and corporal punishment video pics as practiced by consenting adults. The femdom pictures and videos on this site show actual punishment sessions and are for adults only..


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